Yule Island Fisheries Hub To Be Set Up

The set up of a fisheries hub on Yule Island, Central province will soon create more than 3000 jobs
for the Kairuku district.

The run down fishing facilities (jetty and warehouse) will be rehabilitated to make way for a proposed
fisheries hub.

It was once used to export lobsters and crayfish, but hit a snag and eventually went out of business
due to financial constraints.

Today, new investors are keen to resurrect the fishing industry on the island.

The Mc Andrew and Partners Company Limited from Thailand is a development company that
is specialised in developing social impact and sustainable projects.

Company managing director Chalee Wanchai said: “we intend to restart the fisheries industry by
making an investment along with our four partners (Pan Food, Talay Thai Food, Sea network
and Pornnahhan).

“we plan to bring in up to 100 fishing trawlers (each costing between USD 1 million to USD 5million) and
build associated trading and processing facilities on Yule Island.

“The key to the success of this development is that we intend to bring the international trading of fisheries
stocks on shore here in PNG,

“We will also want to bring the international fisheries trade to the doorsteps of local fishermen in
the Central province.

“This will generate around USD 300 mill ion (K1 billion) per year contribution to the economy
as well as providing the country with the much needed foreign currency.

‘This is also opening a pathway to create job opportun ities for the locals,” said Mr Wanchai.

Kairuku Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo said the project is instrumental in the potential for development of
Yule Island and has provided his full support to get the project moving.

Mr Isoaimo said it is fitting for the investor to come in to develop the fish industry that will go well with
the free trade zone.

“I welcome the investors who want to make business in the electorate that will benefit the people in
the long term.

“I also want to thank the department of transport officers who were on the ground to assess the area for
new jetties to be built at Poukama and Yule Island,” said Mr Isoaimo.

The project is now at its conceptual stage and the member and Kairuku DDA will be submitting the
development proposal to the national government.

source : https://postcourier.com.pg/yule-island-fisheries-hub-to-be-set-up/



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