Company Background

We are a privately owned social impact and sustainable investment company and investment execution service provider specialised in green field project development with focus and exposure in .

 Power Plant and related  
 infrastructure development

 Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant 
 from 30 MW up to 2×1,000 MW
 in Neighbouring countries Lao and 

  Exploration, minning and  
  mineral processing

  A project comprised of 13 km2 
  coal mine with approximately100-
  million-tons coal stockand 630
  MW the based-load power plants  
  using ultra-supercritical pulverized
  coal (PC) fired technology.

 Large scale agriculture

  A long-term social impact and 
  sustainable agricultural investment
  project to build and operate an
  integrated sugar enterprise in
  Papua New Guinea (PNG) with a
  modern industrial scale sugarcane
  farm and processing industry.


    A long-term integrated fishery
    project located in Yule Island,  
    Papua New Guinea (PNG) 
   To bring the international fishery  
   trade onshore to the country.

  • We turn greenfield investment to profitable operation by drawing upon valuable experience and strengths from our business partners.
  • We pride ourselves on our high standard of work, innovative project solutions, on-time project delivery and a close professional relationship with our project execution partners. We do this by providing simple solutions to solving complex environmental and social challenges. 
  • We’re committed to achieving something greater than profit, using our business to create positive impacts on both the environment and local community and advocating ethical decision-making.

To be the champion of social impact and sustainable investment in developing markets.

To be social impact and sustainable investor and investment executioner with common sense. Maintain perfect project execution record. To provide avenue for growth for all stakeholders.