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Our Project

Our Project

Cocoland Sugar Development Project

The project is vertically integrated from sugarcane planting through to the construction and operation of a sugar mill to produce sugar for export with its own integrated logistic network. McAndrew and Partners is an equity partner and development manager for the project.  

Organic and Fairtrade Sustainable Rice Farming

We aim to promote the “Sufficiency Economy”
(the philosophy of King Bhumibol Adulyadej)
by creating a market and providing technical know-how to Thai farmers in changing from debt ridden rice growing that relies on chemicals and artificial fertilizers to high yielding organic rice farming.

East West Economic Corridow

We provide project management and financial advise to Khammouane Thermal Coal Fired Power Project. It is the key driver for the East–West Economic Corridor Project in Lao People's Democratic Republic (PDR). The plant will be the catalyst to cost reduction of logistics in transporting goods and services in the Mekong region and providing much needed economic development to Khammoun Province in Lao PDR.