Sahakol Equipment Co., Ltd. (SQ) was established on May 10, 2001. To be the main company in the comprehensive mining services and operations. SQ covers mine planning, operation of the mine, mining consultation and leasing, maintenance of large machinery, it is one of the largest companies in Thailand.

Sahakol Equipment civil construction also speacialises in the necessary facilities for mining such as roads, residences and necessaries infrastructure etc.

SQ current project is Mae Moh Project Phase 7 which worth THB 21,906.00 million and Phase 8 worth THB 22,781.00 million. The Hongsa Operation and Maintenance Services Project worth THB 2,265.00 million and Hongsa contract D (contract with Hongsa Power Company Limited for 12 years 2015-2026) worth THB 13,000.00 million.