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Vichan Rungrote

Vichan Rungrote


Master of Economics - Krirk University
Bachelor of Accounting  -  Siam University

Other Training

2006 – Present    
Annual Course Works of Accounting

Certificate and License

2006 – Present
Member of Federation of Accounting Professions

Work Experiences
CPD : Manage accountancy and tax to ensure businesses are operating on a sound footing and tax efficient.


- Advising and collecting financial documents
- Analyzing accounts and audit internal financial statement
- Monitor financial transactions and document accounting control procedures
- Monitor and audit monthly payroll system and income tax for employee, form P.N.D. 1k ,P.N.D.91 and P.N.D.90
- Preparing the financial reports, ledgers and journals as required under the law for the business at the end of the accounting period.


- Planning company tax
- Monitor and audit report of withholding tax and value addedtax(P.P. 30)

- Compute taxes and prepare tax returns, form P.N.D. 1, P.N.D.3 and P.N.D. 53 for submit
  to Revenue Department
- Closing annual financial report forcompute Corporate Income Tax