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Yao Sheng

Yao Sheng


          • Yaosoeng Sugar and Cane Consultant is a leading sugar plant designer and project manager in Asia, with experiences in completing more than 10 large scale sugar mill projects.

          • Mr. PrapatJenlapwattanakulis the President and a major shareholder of YaosoengSugar and Cane Consultant. The head office located inBangkok, the capital city of Thailand.

          • Main business activities are to provide expertise in design, project management, operation and maintenance of sugar and power plant construction/operation.

Agreementwith Cocoland Sugar Development

          • Mr. Prapat Jenlapwattanakul through Yaosoengentity is a founder and corner stone investor for Cocoland Sugar.

          • It provides equity investment, design, project management, operation management, technology, post completion operation and maintenance.